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  • View and edit Business Scenarios / Wireframes (banking business use cases)

  • View Service Domains and APIs

  • View BIAN Business Objects (Classes, Enumerations, Data Types and Primitive Types) in a hierarchical view

  • Text based (google like) search leveraging MongoDB Search

  • Customized Open AI (engine behind Chat GPT) based chat

  • Context based help

  • Based on NodeJS, React, MongoDB and ASP.NET; deployed in Azure App Services

  • And more …

BIAN portal
BIAN Customized open AI
BIAN client logo

Customized Open AI
(Chat GPT)

  • Creation of Open AI model (engine behind Chat GPT), trained with BIAN data, including documents, and the BIAN model specification (including APIs REST and Async).

  • To make available a Chat through the BIAN Portal, based on a BIAN trained Open AI model

BIAN client logo

API Certification App

  • List BIAN APIs based on Endpoint & Schema matches from the uploaded API

  • Open AI (embeddings) based Semantic and Text match at API level => To get match scores

  • OpenAI GPT3 ada code search & sematic match at API Endpoint & Schema level

  • Open AI based differences at Endpoint / Schema levels for REST APIs and Message / Operation Level for Async APIs

  • REACT based drag-and-drop editor to make APIs compliant and downloadable.

BIAN API Certification App
BIAN client logo

Landscape APIs

BIAN landscape APIs
  • APIs to expose the BIAN Service Landscape components including :

           Service Domains

           Business Scenarios

           Business Objects (Classes, Enumerations, Data Types,                                                                  Primitive Types)

           Service Domain APIs

           Business Capabilities

  • Security APIs

  • Built using ASP.NET & MongoDB

  • Deployed on Azure App Services, Azure Kubernetes Services

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