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We manage, develop, deploy and maintain applications on the Cloud based on your unique requirements, that help you run and grow your business as well as reduce operating costs. We work with a wide range to technologies, take an AI based automation first approach, and bring all these to you at an affordable costs.

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mobile payments app


Mobile Apps for FinTechs

  • Payments

  • Cash Accounts management

  • Customer Onboarding / KYC – Fintech integration

  • Open Banking / PSD2 Integration / Implementation

  • Customer Positions and Balances

  • Accepting Payments and Reports for Businesses

  • Making Payments for Consumers

  • Flutter – for iOS and Androids

  • And more …


Information Portal

  • Visually browsable content

  • Hierarchical

  • Text based (google like) search

  • Customised Open AI (engine behind ChatGPT) based chat

  • Context based help

  • React from Meta (and NodeJS / ASP.Net for APIs)

  • And more …

customized open AI

Image by on Freepik

information portal

Image by on Freepik


Customized Open AI (Chat GPT)

  • Train with data from your company

  • PDFs, Excel, Word, Database, Chats

  • Get responses to any questions relevant to your company.

  • Can be used for internal or external customer servicing.

  • Human support takes over where AI does not have a response => AI engine is trained in these responses to be able to service in the future.

  • React from Meta (and NodeJS / ASP.Net for APIs)


AI based Solutions

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) for customer support

  • Demand forecasting and inventory optimization

  • Automated data analysis

  • Automated document processing

  • Personalized marketing and recommendation systems

  • Optimized resource allocation and scheduling

  • Risk assessment and fraud detection

  • Automated content generation

  • More...

Chat bot



  • APIs to expose various functionality, including customer onboarding, payments execution, account information and more..

  • Secured by JWT token based authenctiaction

  • Documentation using Swagger UI, Postman Collections.

  • NodeJS / ASP.NET

  • MongoDB / Firebase / MySQL / MS SQL Server

  • Azure App Services, Azure Kubernetes Services

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